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Torrent Power: Brief Introduction

Type	           :  Public
Industry           :  Energy
Founded	           :  1996
Headquarters       :  Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Products           :  Sale and distribution, electricity generation
                      and distribution, wind power, energy trading
Number of 
employees          :  7,874 (2020)
Parent	           :  Torrent Group
Website            :

Torrent Power is a well-known and respected brand in the Indian power sector. They are involved in various aspects of the power industry, including power generation, transmission, distribution, and the manufacturing and supply of power cables.

The company was initially established as Torrent Power Generation by its parent company, Torrent Group, with the aim of expanding its presence in the power business.

In 2006, three power-related companies within the Torrent Group, namely Torrent Power AEC Ltd, Torrent Power SEC Ltd, and Torrent Power Generation Ltd, were merged to form Torrent Power, consolidating their expertise and resources.

Torrent Power also has several subsidiaries and joint ventures that contribute to their operations and growth. These include Torrent Solargen Limited, Jodhpur Wind Farms Private Limited, Latur Renewable Private Limited, Wind Two Renergy Private Limited, TCL Cables Private Limited, Torrent Solar Power Private Limited, Torrent Saurya Urja 2 Private Limited, Torrent Saurya Urja 3 Private Limited, Torrent Power Grid Limited, and UNM Foundation (formerly known as Tornascent Care Institute).

Torrent Power: Products & Services

  • Sale and distribution
  • Electricity generation and distribution
  • Wind power
  • Energy trading

Torrent Power's Peers: Parallel Players in the Industry

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