Introduction to Hanging Man

fundamentals of Hanging Man explained

In this module, we are going to discuss the Hanging Man candle, which gives a very strong signal of a trend reversal (probably to downtrend). We'll show you what this looks like, its characteristics, and valid conditions for this candle.
Furthermore, we'll delve into the psychology behind the Hanging Man candle and explore future predictions associated with it.

The first thing we want to cover with you is what Hanging Man candle actually is.

A Hanging Man candlestick occurs during an uptrend and indicates the possibility of a counter-trend (i.e reversal to downtrend). A Hanging Man candle is made up of just one candle.

Most traders believe that in order for a candle to be a genuine hanging man, the bottom wick must be two times the size of the body section of the candle, and the body must be at the higher end of the trading range.

Hanging Man Anatomy

Hanging Man Candle Decoding
Hanging Man Anatomy
The candlestick can be classified as a Hanging Man only when it appears in a uptrend market.

Characteristics of a Hanging Man

  1. Hanging Man candle can be green or red.
  2. Small real body (at least two times smaller than wick/tail).
  3. Range of the candle is large. A large range shows huge volatility during the session.
  4. Hanging Man appears as a long candle.
  5. The body is fully located at the top of the range of the candlestick.
  6. Lower shadow/wick at least twice longer than the real body.
  7. Opening or closing the gap indicates a strong signal.
  8. Always appears in an uptrend.
  9. Red real body is more preferable.
  10. The longer the lower shadow, the better it will be. The fundamental of the Hanging Man candle is to monitor the momentum and price action.


Hanging Man candle gives a strong sign for a trend reversal to downtrend. The Hanging Man is not considered as bearish as the shooting star.

Have a look at 4 hr. price chart of JYPUSD pair
Hanging Man-JYPUSD
Hanging Man [JYPUSD]

The price chart above is a 4 hr. chart of JYPUSD pair. Each candle represent the trading activity during the 4 hr. session. In the above figure, you can see during the upward move two consecutive hanging man candle forms which means there is a possibility of trend reversal. As expected, upward move is done and next few candles moves downwards.

Psychology of Hanging Man

You can spot the Hanging Man candle during an uptrend. In a trending market, you can find it as an opening or closing gap which indicates a strong signal. The long lower shadow indicates that the bears are controlling the market during the session.
When a Hanging Man candlestick forms in an uptrend, it shows a loss of buyer's strength. The hanging man candle indicates that there is high demand during the session and significant selling as well.
A question may strike your mind that if the demand is high then why buyers can't push the price up? The answer is all this is happening during an uptrend and the peak is near and significant selling is also there. Hence it is wise to stay out of from long position.

FAQs on Hanging Man

What is the best time to trade Hanging Man?

There are primarily two best times to trade Hanging Man:
1. When stock/ securities losing its trading momentum
2. Avoid trending market

Difference between Hammer and Hanging Man

In shape, Hanging Man & Hammer both look identical, but when it appears during an uptrend , called Hanging Man and when it appears during an downtrend, called as Hammer.

Green Hanging Man Vs Red Hanging Man
The 'Hanging Man' candle can either green or red. Both color indicates bearish reversal, color doesn't matter at all.

In which markets am I most likely to come across the hanging man pattern?

The Hanging Man can appear in any market, but because of the depth and volume in forex, the Hanging Man will appear frequently in forex.

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