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  1. SEBI Was Established In The Year ________ .
  2. 1988
  3. SEBI Act Was Passed In ________ .
  4. 1991
  5. The Objectives Of SEBI Include ________ .
  6. To protect interests of inventors
    To promote the development of the market
  7. The Regulatory Body For The Securities Market In India Is ________ .
  8. RBI
  9. Who Appoints The Chairman Of SEBI?
  10. Central government
    Stock exchanges
  11. The Administrative Head Office Of SEBI Is At ________ .
  12. New Delhi
  13. SEBI Has ________ Regional Offices.
  14. 3
  15. SEBI Ombudsman Was Introduced In ________ .
  16. 2002
  17. The Base Year Of Nifty Is ________ .
  18. 1995
  19. SENSEX Is The Index Of ________ .
  20. National stock exchange
    Bombay stock exchange
    Cochin stock exchange
  21. The Base Year Of CNX Nifty Junior Is ________ .
  22. 1997
  23. The Number Of Scrip’s Included In Nifty Junior Is ________ .
  24. 40
  25. ________ Is The First Depository In India.
  26. National securities depository Ltd.
    State of India depository services Ltd.
    Central depository services India Ltd.
  27. CDSL Is Established In ________ .
  28. 1999
  29. In The Indian Stock Exchange A Bull Is Known As ________ .
  30. Badla
  31. National Stock Exchange Operations Are Divided Into ________ And Capital Market Segment.
  32. Money market
    Secondary market
    Whole sale debt market
  33. ________ Is The Second Depository In India.
  34. Central depository services India Ltd.
    National securities depository Ltd.
    State of India depository services Ltd.
  35. A New Index Called ________ Is Developed By NSE.
  36. BSE 200 & DOLLEX 200
    S&P CNX nifty
    BSEI PO Index
  37. The First Stock Exchange In India Was Started In ________ .
  38. 1895
  39. OTCEI Stands For Over The Counter ________ Of India.
  40. Exchange
  41. ________ is the market where “second hand” securities are bought and sold for investment and speculation.
  42. Primary market
    Secondary market
  43. The process of holding shares in electronic form is known as ________
  44. Demonetisation
  45. REPO is ________
  46. Repurchase agreement
    Representative of a company.
    Reliance Petroleum
  47. After the trade has been executed, the broker issues a Contract Note to the investor within ________
  48. 24 hours
    48 hours
    12 hours
  49. Who issues a treasury bill?
  50. Commercial Banks
    Reserve Bank of India
    Post office
  51. The settlement cycle in stock exchange is ________
  52. T + 1
    T + 2
    T + 3
  53. A company can raise capital through the primary market by way of
  54. Debentures
    Preference shares
  55. A rise in call money rates makes other sources of finance such as commercial paper and certificates of deposit
  56. Expensive
    No effect
  57. Which of the following are participants representing capital market?
  58. Development banks
    Commercial banks
  59. Reserve Capital is _________
  60. Part of the uncalled capital which may be called only at the time of liquidation of the Company
    Capital Reserve
    Uncalled Capital
  61. An artificial person created by Law is called _______
  62. Partnership Firm
    Sole Tradership
  63. Maximum number of members in a private company is :
  64. 20
  65. To whom dividend is given at a fixed rate in a company?
  66. To equity shareholders
    To preference shareholders
    To debenture holders
  67. Which of the following is not a money market security?
  68. Certificate of deposit
    Commercial paper
    Treasury Bills
  69. Insider trading is related to ___________.
  70. Horse racing
    Share market
  71. Which type of functions does SEBI performs?
  72. Protective & Regulatory
  73. It is the market for short term funds which deals in assets whose period of maturity is upto 12 months.
  74. Money market
    Primary market
    Capital market
  75. Companies finance their credit sales using this method of finance.
  76. Trade bills/ Commercial bills
    Call money
    Commercial papers
  77. The ________ keeps securities in electronic form on behalf of the investor?
  78. Stock exchange
    Bank locker
  79. Nominal Share Capital is ________
  80. the maximum amount of share capital which a company is authorised to issue
    the amount of capital which is actually paid by the shareholders
    the amount of capital which is actually applied by the prospective shareholders
  81. A rise in ‘Sensex’ means ___________.
  82. a rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with National Stock Exchange
    an overall rise in price of shares of group of companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange
    a rise prices of shares of all companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange
  83. Which of the following is correctly matched?
  84. National Stock Exchange – NYSE
    New York Stock Exchange – NIFTY
    Bombay Stock Exchange – SENSEX
  85. The following statements apply to equity/preference shareholders. Which one of them applies only to preference shareholders?
  86. Shareholders usually have the right to vote
    Shareholders bear the risk of no dividends in the event of losses
    Dividends are usually given at a set amount in every’ financial year.
  87. Sensex includes the following securities.
  88. 40
  89. The liability of members in a Company is ________
  90. Unlimited
  91. Shareholders receive from the company :
  92. Dividend
  93. A company cannot issue :
  94. Redeemable Preference Shares
    Redeemable Debentures
    Redeemable Equity Shares
  95. Only high net worth companies can use this method to finance/borrow funds.
  96. Treasury bills
    Trade bills
    Commercial papers
  97. The method by which banks borrow from each other to adhere to CRR requirement
  98. Certificate of deposit
    Call money
  99. Which of the following has helped to eliminate the use of stock certificates by placing stock transactions on computers?
  100. Demat account.
    Securities Exchange Commission.
    Depository Trust Company.
  101. The ___________ is a window through which the investor can see the company.
  102. Syndicate offer
  103. speculator is a person __________
  104. who is willing to take high risk for high returns
    who uses his own funds only
    who evaluates the performance of the company
  105. If an investor is attempting to buy a stock that is very volatile, it would be best to use___________.
  106. market order.
    limit order.
    stop-loss order
  107. This number is assigned to each transaction by the stock exchange and printed on the contract note.
  108. Unique order code
    Transaction ID
    Contract account number
  109. All new issues being offered for public sale are registered with _____________.
  110. SEBI
    Maloney act of 1936.
    new issue market.
  111. Investment bankers operate in the __________.
  112. secondary market.
    primary market.
    third market.
  113. Which of the below mentioned statement is a protective function of stock exchange?
  114. Controlling insider trading
    Keeping a close watch on malpractices by brokers
  115. Which shareholders have a right to receive the arrears of dividend from future profits :
  116. Participating Preference Shares
    Cumulative Preference Shares
    Redeemable Preference Shares
  117. Which of the following statements in relation to the Bombay Stock Exchange is correct?
  118. Both
    It is the oldest stock exchange of India
    It is known by the name of Dalal street
  119. Shareholders are ________
  120. Owners of the Company
    Creditors of the Company
    Customers of the Company
  121. Liability of a shareholder is limited to ________ of the shares allotted to him
  122. Called up value
    Face value
    Paid up Value
  123. SEBI was established in ________
  124. 1984
  125. Oldest stock exchange of India?
  126. Bombay stock exchange
    Kolkata stock exchange
    National stock exchange
  127. Bombay stock exchange was established in the year?
  128. 1875
  129. The online trading system of BSE is known as:
  130. OTCEI
  131. The base year on which the NSE index (NIFTY) is based:
  132. 1985
  133. The base year on which the BSE-SENSEX based:
  134. 1978-79
  135. Which one of the following is also known as Tarawaniwala?
  136. Brokers
  137. The stock market trading time in India:
  138. 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m
    10 a.m. to 4 p.m
    9 a.m. to 3 p.m
  139. What is the expansion of SENSEX?
  140. Sensitive index of NSE
    Sensitive Index of BSE
    Indian secotrial index
  141. Indian stock market movements are influenced by:
  142. Global Factors
    Domestic Factors
  143. NIFTY carries:
  144. Top 50 companies listed on NSE
    Top 50 companies from India
    Top 30 companies from BSE
  145. A preference share which does not carry the right of sharing in surplus profits is called ________
  146. Non-Cumulative Preference Share
    Non-participating Preference Share
    Irredeemable Preference Share
  147. The Indian stock market is regulated by:
  148. Government of India ( GOI)
    Reserve bank of India (RBI)
    Securities and exchange board of India(SEBI)
  149. Which one of the following organisation is the main regulator of stock markets in India?
  150. Indian Company Law Board
    Security and Exchange Board of India
    Ministry of Finance
  151. Equity shares cannot be issued for the purpose of:
  152. Distribution of dividend
    Redemption of debentures
    Cash Receipts
  153. National stock exchange was incorporated in the year?
  154. 1992
  155. . The largest stock market in India:
  156. BSE
  157. Which of the following is not shown under the heading ‘Share Capital’ in a Balance Sheet:
  158. Subscribed Capital
    Reserve Capital
    Issued Capital
  159. On which day, the stock exchange delivers the share or makes payment to the other broker?
  160. Pay-in day
    Transaction day
    Pay-out day
  161. A company has ________
  162. Separate Legal Entity
    Perpetual Existence
  163. Capital of a Company is divided in units which is called :
  164. Share
  165. Stock holding corporation of India Ltd. (SHCIL) was established in the year.
  166. 1987
  167. Reserve Capital is a part of:
  168. Forfeited Share Capital
    Capital to be called up only on liquidation of company
    Paid-up Capital
  169. Who are the real owners of a company?
  170. Board of Directors
    Equity shareholders
  171. A Company is created by ________
  172. Investors
    Special act of the Parliament
    Companies Act
  173. The difference between bid (buying) rates and ask (selling) rates is called the _________?
  174. Arbitrage
  175. Which of the following contracts involves future exchange of assets at a specified price?
  176. Future Contract
    Forward Contract
    Present Contract
  177. An example of a derivative security is ______
  178. a call option on Mobil stock.
    a commodity futures contract
  179. The portion of the capital which can be called-up only on the winding up of the Company is called ________
  180. Uncalled Capital
    Reserve Capital
    Authorised Capital
  181. Capital included in the Total of Balance Sheet of a Company is called ________
  182. Subscribed Capital
    Issued Capital
    Called up Capital
  183. ________ is transferred to Capital Reserve.
  184. Profit on forfeiture of shares
    Premium on issue of shares
  185. Reserve Capital is also known by ________
  186. Called up Capital
    Subscribed Capital
  187. Voluntary return of shares for concellation by the shareholders is called ________
  188. Surrender of shares
    Cancellation of shares
  189. Which one of the following items is not a part of subscribed capital?
  190. Forfeited Shares
    Preference Shares
    Equity Shares
  191. A Company may issue ________
  192. Preference Shares
    Equity and Preference both shares
    Equity Shares
  193. Over the counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) was established in the year:
  194. 1990
  195. Which shareholders are returned their capital after some specified time :
  196. Irredeemable Preference Shares
    Redeemable Preference Shares
    Cumulative Preference Shares
  197. In the Balance Sheet of a company, under the heading share capital, at the last is shown :
  198. Issued Share Capital
    Authorised Share Capital
    Subscribed Share Capital
  199. NSE-NIFTY index consists of total:
  200. 50 stocks
    30 stocks
    40 stocks
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