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  1. What Is The Production Of Cryptocurrency Called?
  2. Makeup
  3. What Is Blockchain?
  4. A sequential chain of blocks containing information
    Cryptocurrency value data
    A secret database by which the owners of the cryptocurrency manage it
  5. What Technology Is The Cryptocurrency Based On?
  6. Blockchain
  7. In What Form Can Cryptocurrency Be Stored?
  8. In the form of gold coins
    As encrypted information in a chain of computers
    As information on the user's electronic wallet and an encrypted copy on a central cryptocurrency server
  9. What Is Cryptocurrency?
  10. Hackers' secret money
    Encrypted currency of a certain state
    A type of digital currency
  11. The Key Feature Of Cryptocurrency Functioning?
  12. Absence of any internal or external administrator
    Reliability backed by gold
    The fact that it is based on ancient knowledge
  13. What Interesting Thing Happened To One Of The First Bitcoin Miners, James Howells?
  14. He produced several thousand bitcoins and donated them to a homeless charity.
    He produced over 7,000 bitcoins, but then deemed them useless and threw his hard drive in a landfill along with his broken laptop.
    He created 80,000 bitcoins in just one week and is now one of the richest people.
  15. What Makes Cryptocurrency Secure?
  16. Servers
    Government Banks
    Cryptographic math
  17. What Is The Maximum Amount Of Bitcoin That Will Ever Be Created?
  18. infinity, because there is no limit
    21 million
    Nobody knows
  19. Where Do You Store Your Cryptocurrency?
  20. Hardware/ software wallet
    Bank Account
    In your pocket
  21. In Which Year Cryptocurrency Was Introduced?
  22. 2009
  23. First Most Popular Cryptocurrency?
  24. Ethereum
  25. Cryptocurrency Is Which Type Of Currency?
  26. online currency
    Paper currency
    offline currency
  27. Cryptocurrency Is Controlled By Which Organization?
  28. central bank
    world bank
  29. We Can Buy Cryptocurrency By Which Method?
  30. by paper money
    by central method
    by offline method
  31. P2P Network Stand For?
  32. personal to personal network
    person to personal network
    Peer to peer network
  33. Cryptocurrency Also Known As
  34. digital network
    paper currency
  35. What Powers The Ethereum Virtual Machine?
  36. Ether
  37. Which Cryptocurrency Was The Most Expensive At The End Of 2017?
  38. Bitcoin
  39. Select The Pseudonym Of The Founder Of The Bitcoin Payment System.
  40. Satoshi Nakamoto
    John Smith
    Xiao Huawei
  41. In What Year Does The Term "Cryptocurrency" First Begin To Be Used?
  42. 2008
  43. Which Country Is The Biggest Miner Of Cryptocurrencies?
  44. China
  45. Who Invented Ethereum Coin?
  46. Elon Musk
    Vitarik Buterin
    Satoshi Nakamoto
  47. Blockchain Networks Are Much _____ And Deal With No Real Single Point Of Failure.
  48. Simpler
    Easier to scale
  49. Bitcoin Is A Cryptocurrency?
  50. True
  51. Blockchain Has How Many Versions.
  52. 5
  53. Blockchain Enables Peer-To-Peer Transfer Of Digital Currency Without Any Intermediaries Such As Banks.
  54. True
  55. Blockchain Enable A Centralized Or A Decentralized System For The Exchange Of Value?
  56. Centralized
  57. Cryptocurrency Used By Which Method?
  58. printing
  59. Cryptocurrency Used For Which Purpose?
  60. For buying goods and services
    Only buying for services
  61. Benefits Of Using Cryptocurrency
  62. Less chance of fraud
    safer than physical payments
  63. Bitcoin Is Made Up Of On Which Software
  64. System software
    Open source software
    Application software
  65. Which Currency Is Made By Vitarik Buterin
  66. Ethereum
  67. After Bitcoin Which Is 2nd Most Popular Cryptocurrency
  68. Ethereum
    Doge coin
  69. In 2011 Which Currency Was Created
  70. Bitcoin
    Doge coin
    Lite coin
  71. 5th Most Popular Cryptocurrency
  72. Lite coin
    Doge coin
  73. Cryptocurrency Works In Which Operating System
  74. Mac
    Window / Android
  75. Lite Coin Made Which Person
  76. Vitarik Buterin
    Charls Lee
    Satoshi Nakamoto
  77. Charls Lee Works For Which Organization
  78. Google
  79. What Is Blockchain Ledger?
  80. Online information saver
    Offline information saver
  81. Satoshi Nakamoto Released The Idea Of Bitcoin In Which Year?
  82. 2009
  83. Bitcoin Created By Which Process?
  84. Minting
  85. Which Of The Following Is A Cryptocurrency?
  86. Ripple
  87. What Is A Cryptocurrency?
  88. A form of digital currency
    A form of currency that released on cryptography
  89. Select The Fiat Currency?
  90. Dollar
  91. Bitcoin Runs On ______ Technology?
  92. Blockchain
    Network chain
    Amazon server
  93. Bitcoin Uses Which Data Technology?
  94. Distributed network
    Peer to peer network
    Internet network
  95. What Is The Code Of Bitcoin?
  96. BTC
  97. In Which Year Last Bitcoin Shall Come Into Circulation?
  98. 2040
  99. Fiat Currencies Require _____
  100. Financial approval
    Government approval
  101. Bitcoin Is A _____
  102. currency
  103. What Is A Smart Contract?
  104. A computer protocol
    A cloud based contract
    Artificial intelligence assisted contract
  105. Transactions Are Verified By Network Nodes Through Cryptography And Recorded In A Public Distributed Ledger Is Called A _____
  106. Blockchain
    Crypto wallet
  107. Which Is The First Cryptocurrency In India?
  108. Bitcoin
    Doge coin
  109. Bitcoin.Org Was Registered In
  110. 2011
  111. How Often Does Bitcoin Ledger Reconcile
  112. Every day
    Every 10 minutes
    Every 3 minutes
  113. What Are The Different Types Of Tokens?
  114. Privacy
  115. What Is A Miner
  116. Computers that validate and process blockchain transactions
    An algorithm that predicts the next part of the blockchain
    A type of blockchain
  117. What Is A DApp?
  118. A type of currency
    A decentralized application
    A condiment
  119. What Is The Term For When A Blockchain Splits?
  120. A merger
    A side chain
    A fork
  121. What Is The Purpose Of A Nonce?
  122. Prevents double spending
    A hash function
    Sends information to the blockchain network
  123. What Is Cold Storage?
  124. A private key not connected to the internet
    A private key connected to the internet
    A desktop wallet
  125. Each Block Of A Blockchain Consists Of Which Of The Following.
  126. Timestamp
    List of transactions
  127. Bitcoin Is Based On _______blockchain.
  128. Private
  129. Hash Identifying Each Block In The Blockchain Is Generated Using Which Of The Following Cryptographic Algorithm.
  130. SHA256
  131. Blockchain Forks Can Results In Which Of The Following.
  132. Multiple parent blocks
    Multiple children blocks
  133. What Is Private Chain?
  134. A key not to be given to the public
    A key given to the public
  135. What Is A Blockchain?
  136. A ledger
    A currency
    A distributed on a peer to peer network
  137. What Is A Node ?
  138. A computer on a Blockchain network
    An exchange
    A type of currency
  139. Where Is The Least Safe Place To Keep Your Cryptocurrency?
  140. On a hot wallet
    On an exchange
    At your work desk
  141. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a crypto asset that people can collect and trade.
  142. True
  143. Cryptocurrencies are low-risk investments if you buy and hold.
  144. True
  145. Regulators and law enforcement can’t trace cryptocurrency transactions.
  146. True
  147. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the same thing.
  148. True
  149. How is cryptocurrency treated by the IRS?
  150. As property subject to capital gains tax
    They don’t know about it
    As an illegal asset they could seize
  151. What is a cryptocurrency tumbler?
  152. A sweet art blog
    A coin wallet attachment
    A service that hides coin origins
  153. How many Bitcoins are currently active?
  154. 36%
    All of them
  155. How much has Bitcoin's value grown since 2014?
  156. 36%
    Over 800%
  157. Where do you store cryptocurrency?
  158. Blockchain
    Chain wallet
    Private keys
  159. There are more than two thousand types of cryptocurrency
  160. True
  161. To transfer crypto from one wallet to another you’ll need
  162. A street address
    An email address
    A public wallet address
  163. The risks of investing in cryptocurrency include:
  164. The possibility of the government confiscating your cryptocurrency
    Big price swings
    A robot uprising
  165. Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 25 million coins.
  166. True
  167. Crypto asset scams are among the most popular types of online investment scams.
  168. True
  169. There is no difference between cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, these terms are interchangeable.
  170. True
  171. Ether (ETH) is the digital currency for the Ethereum platform.
  172. True
  173. How can an investor mitigate risk in his/her crypto investing approach?
  174. Adopt a dollar cost average (DCA) investing strategy
    Conduct research into a cryptocurrency before purchasing it
    All of the above
  175. Bitcoin will retain its value and rise in price over time because there’s a limited supply.
  176. False
  177. Historically, what has happened to the Bitcoin price following a halving?
  178. A significant dive in price
    A significant surge in price
    Price stays relatively stable
  179. Not all crypto assets are securities.
  180. True
  181. One of Bitcoin’s defining features is the limit on the total amount of coins in circulation. But how high exactly is the limit? What is the largest amount of bitcoins to ever be produced? (Hint: it’s a trick question)
  182. 184 billion
    100 million
    21 million
  183. Gas fees are transactions fees on the Ethereum network.
  184. False
  185. Cryptocurrencies can be used for payments.
  186. True
  187. All units of cryptocurrency are stored in wallets.
  188. True
  189. Bitcoin is not as simple as some might think, as it supports a pretty advanced feature. Which of these things is actually present in Bitcoin?
  190. Turing completeness
    Delegated Proof-of-Stake
    Smart contracts
  191. What is the name of the famous Bitcoin exchange from Japan that collapsed in 2014?
  192. Blockchain.info
    Mt. Gox
  193. What does a ledger in blockchain does?
  194. Mapping between owner and object
    Identification of owners
    Identification of objects owned
  195. In the early days of Bitcoin, it was traded in deals between individual people meeting each other online, with no regular trading activity. What was the BTC/USD exchange rate when it first started trading on an online exchange?
  196. $1 per BTC
    $0.003 per BTC
    $550 per BTC
  197. Bitcoin Is stored in bank accounts.
  198. False
  199. NFT stands for:
  200. Node Forex Transaction
    Non-Fungible Token
    Not Finished Talking
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