Email Fraud

Stock market advisors are everywhere, and you can probably find one to say almost anything you might want to hear.

As any type of fraud, can be highly harmful. Unfortunately, some corrupt people attempt to mislead others by using the brand.

Would you pay money if you received six weeks in a row correct stock market predictions in the mail from a stock market expert and were requested to pay for the seventh such prediction?

Today I am going to share one of the email tricks are done by these stock tips providers.
For better understanding, lets take an example:

Alert (Market Scam)
  1. Firstly they shortlist, let say, 2000 people.
  2. Out of these people, they recommend the first 1000 people to buy Tesla and the remaining 1000 people to sell Tesla.
  3. The next day, suppose the price of Tesla fall (depreciate). Then they reject the first half of the emails from their list and target only the second winning group (1000 people).
  4. Then out of 1000 people, they recommend the first 500 people to buy, let say, Apple and the remaining 500 to sell Apple stock, and obviously, one is going to be correct.
  5. The next day, suppose the price of Apple stock rise (appreciate). Then they repeat the same process of rejection and reject the second half of people from their target.
  6. Now they left with 500 emails, again they recommend 250 people to buy, let say, Facebook and the remaining 250 to sell Facebook. Now you know one group is going to make profit.

Now, here they use their last weapon, claiming their accuracy rate, and send an email to the winning group (250 people) that if you want more TIPS then pay 1000$ or more for a monthly subscription and innocent people fall into their trap.

These false claims could also be made on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on bulletin boards and chat room pages.

Avoid Email Fraud

  • With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself from fraudulent activity—
    1. Consider the Source.
    2. Delete any email without opening it, if you don’t recognize the sender.
    3. Filter spam.
    4. Don’t click links in email messages.
    5. Configure your email client for security.
  • Points To Remember :
    1. Don’t go for tips.
    2. Do your own research.
    3. At least, crosscheck the background.
    4. Don’t expose your money to other.

Ask yourself— Why can't they buy or sell on their own and get wealthy if they're so accurate?

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