Battery Companies In India

List Of Battery Companies

During the forecast period, India's battery market is expected to develop at a CAGR of more than 11%. The COVID-19 epidemic has had a substantial impact on the country's economy, and the battery industry in the country is expected to suffer as a result.

The emphasis on developing battery technologies and manufacturing locally ensures thousands of jobs in one of the most important industries. Another important factor driving EV adoption in rural India is the lack of commercial petrol pumps at nominal distances.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

India's massive market for electric two and three-wheelers is destined to explode; no other country in the world can claim such a large population willing to embrace change.

The Top Battery companies in India as of 2021 are listed below. The list is ranked based on Market capitalization.

1. Exide Ind

Quick Overview— SBI
Foundation 1947
Trading Symbol EXIDEIND
Listed on BSE & NSE
Type Mid Cap
Market-Cap Rs 13,583 Cr.
Revenue Rs 15,296 Cr.(2021)
ROE 11.5 %
Promoter holding 46.0 %
Dividend Yield 1.25 %
Debt to Equity 0.04

2. Amara Raja Batt

Quick Overview— SBI
Foundation 1985
Trading Symbol AMARAJABAT
Listed on BSE & NSE
Type Mid Cap
Market-Cap Rs 10,561 Cr.
Revenue Rs 7,149 Cr.(2021)
ROE 16.2 %
Promoter holding 28.1 %
Dividend Yield 1.78 %
Debt to Equity 0.02

3. Eveready Ind

Quick Overview— Eveready Ind
Foundation 1905
Trading Symbol EVEREADY
Listed on BSE & NSE
Type Small Cap
Market-Cap Rs 2,254 Cr.
Revenue Rs 1,248 Cr.(2021)
ROE 79.1 %
Promoter holding 4.85 %
Dividend Yield 0.00 %
Debt to Equity 1.23

4. HBL Power

Quick Overview— HBL Power
Foundation 1977
Trading Symbol HBLPOWER
Listed on BSE & NSE
Type Small Cap
Market-Cap Rs 1,685 Cr.
Revenue Rs 912 Cr.(2021)
ROE 2.20 %
Promoter holding 58.6 %
Dividend Yield 0.58 %
Debt to Equity 0.08

5. Indo-National

Quick Overview— Indo-National
Foundation 1972
Trading Symbol NIPPOBATRY
Listed on BSE & NSE
Type Small Cap
Market-Cap Rs 387 Cr.
Revenue Rs 531 Cr.(2021)
ROE 13.4 %
Promoter holding 65.4 %
Dividend Yield 2.42 %
Debt to Equity 0.42

6. High Energy

Quick Overview— High Energy
Foundation -
Trading Symbol BSE: 504176
Listed on BSE
Type Small Cap
Market-Cap Rs 302 Cr.
Revenue Rs 77 Cr.(2021)
ROE 55.8 %
Promoter holding 41.0 %
Dividend Yield 0.59 %
Debt to Equity 0.50

7. Panasonic Energy

Quick Overview— Panasonic Energy
Foundation -
Trading Symbol BSE: 504093
Listed on BSE
Type Small Cap
Market-Cap Rs 245 Cr.
Revenue Rs 232 Cr.(2021)
ROE 10.4 %
Promoter holding 58.1 %
Dividend Yield 2.45 %
Debt to Equity 0.02

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8. Standard Batteries

Quick Overview— Standard Batteries
Foundation -
Trading Symbol BSE: 504180
Listed on BSE
Type Small Cap
Market-Cap Rs 12.0 Cr.
Revenue -
ROE -5.14 %
Promoter holding 40.6 %
Dividend Yield 0.00 %
Debt to Equity 0.00
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