Stock Trading Quiz [ 100+ Quiz with Answers ]

Share Market Quiz

Multiple Choice— Select the option that best completes the sentence or provides the answer to the question.
  1. _________ is a number which measures the change in a set of values over a period of time.

  2. Securities of _________ companies are traded in secondary market.

  3. An option exercised at the time of maturity it is termed as _________.

  4. An option exercised at any time, it is termed as _________.

  5. _________ is a market for dealing in unlisted securities.

  6. Depository participant is the link between the _________ and the owner.

  7. _________ system reduces time for transfer for transfer of securities.

  8. _________ means the worth of shareholding.

  9. In _________, a listed company decides on its own to permanently remove its securities from a stock exchange.

  10. _________ is a contract for temporary exchange of obligation that each party has under its respective contract.

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