1. QIB Stands For ________ .
  2. Qualified Institutional Buyer
    Qualified Institutional Bonds
    Qualified Information for Buyers
  3. GSO Stands For ________ .
  4. Green shoe option
    Golden shoe option
    Green stock option
  5. QIP Stands For ________ .
  6. Qualified Institutional Placement
    Qualified Institutional Players
    Qualified Investor Placement
  7. MMMF Stands For ________ .
  8. Money Market Mutual Funds
    Monetary Market Mutual Funds
    Money Medium Mutual Funds
  9. ELSS Stands For ________ .
  10. Equity Linked Savings Scheme
    Enterprise Linked Saving Scheme
    Equity Linking Savings System
  11. The Process Of Hedging The Entire Supply Of A Particular Security With A View To Dictating Term Is Called ________ .
  12. Cornering
    Wash sale
  13. Speculators Who Neither Buy Nor Sell Securities In The Market But Still Trade On Them Are Called ________ .
  14. Stags
  15. ________ Is The Market Where The Existing Securities Of Companies Are Traded.
  16. Secondary market
    Primary market
    Money market
  17. ________ Contracts Are Standardized.
  18. Future
  19. A Stock Market Index ________ .
  20. Shows trends in the market
    Provides weights to shares
    Show the volume of trade in market
  21. Which Of The Following Is Considered As Means Off Balance Sheet Financing?
  22. Derivation
  23. ________ Is A Market Where Unlisted Securities Are Dealing.
  24. Grey market
    Capital market
    Kerb market
  25. A Lame Duck Is A ________ .
  26. bear who cannot keep his commitments
    bull who does not keep his promise
    cautious speculator
  27. Devise Adopted To Make Profit Out Of The Difference In Prices Of A Security In Two Different Markets Is Called ________ .
  28. Arbitrage
    Margin trading
    Call option
  29. An Order For The Purchase Of Securities Of A Fixed Price Is Known As ________ .
  30. Limit order
    Open order
    Stop loss order
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