MicroEconomics MCQs


Multiple Choice— Select the option that best completes the sentence or provides the answer to the question.
  1. Which of the following is a basic characteristic of 'Oligopoly'?

  2. What effect will a decrease in demand and an increase in supply have on equilibrium price?

  3. In India, inflation measured by the -

  4. Which of the following statements is NOT correct about the factors that gave rise to the Consumer Movement in India?

  5. One of the essential conditions of "perfect competition" is

  6. Zero price elasticity of demand means

  7. Which of the following is the most close to the definition of Oligopoly?

  8. Duopoly is the special case of which type of market structure?

  9. Which of the following correctly describes the nature of India’s economy?

  10. In Economic terms, Globalization is the process of rapid ______ between countries.

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