Macro Economics MCQ

Multiple Choice— Select the option that best completes the sentence or provides the answer to the question.
  1. The major problem of a fractionally backed, convertible currency is that of

  2. The real demand for money is

  3. Stable growth in the money supply rule will contribute to

  4. If there are more job vacancies than there are unemployed workers, then

  5. Financial assets, as opposed to real assets, are

  6. Gresham's law predicts that

  7. A central bank can create money by

  8. Monetary validation

  9. When metal coins, such as gold and silver were used as money, a technique which made them easy to recognize and which did not reduce their value was

  10. Suppose that next year 300 000 existing jobs in the economy are eliminated and 200 000 new jobs are created. The unemployment rate will decline over that year if

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