Finance Quiz

  1. Who are the real owners of a company?
  2. Equity shareholders
    Board of Directors
  3. A Company is created by ________
  4. Companies Act
    Special act of the Parliament
  5. The difference between bid (buying) rates and ask (selling) rates is called the _________?
  6. Spread
  7. Which of the following contracts involves future exchange of assets at a specified price?
  8. Forward Contract
    Future Contract
    Present Contract
  9. An example of a derivative security is ______
  10. Both
    a call option on Mobil stock.
    a commodity futures contract
  11. Preference shareholders have
  12. Preferential right as to dividend and repayment of capital at the time of liquidation of the Company
    Preferential right in the management
    Preferential right as to repayment of capital at the time of liquidation of the company
  13. The portion of the capital which can be called-up only on the winding up of the Company is called ________
  14. Reserve Capital
    Uncalled Capital
    Authorised Capital
  15. Capital included in the Total of Balance Sheet of a Company is called ________
  16. Subscribed Capital
    Issued Capital
    Called up Capital
  17. ________ is transferred to Capital Reserve.
  18. Both
    Profit on forfeiture of shares
    Premium on issue of shares
  19. Reserve Capital is also known by ________
  20. None
    Called up Capital
    Subscribed Capital
  21. Voluntary return of shares for concellation by the shareholders is called ________
  22. Surrender of shares
    Cancellation of shares
  23. At the time of forfeiture of shares the share capital account is debited with (CPT, June 2011)
  24. Called up value
    Face value
    Paid up value
  25. Which one of the following items is not a part of subscribed capital?
  26. Forfeited Shares
    Preference Shares
    Equity Shares
  27. Preference shares, in case the holders of these have a right to convert their preference shares into equity shares at their option according to the terms of issue, such shares are called :
  28. Convertible Preference Share
    Non-cumulative Preference Share
    Cumulative Preference Share
  29. Forfeiture of shares results in the reduction of:
  30. Subscribed Capital
    Authorised Capital
    Reserve Capital