Finance Quiz

  1. The liability of members in a Company is ________
  2. Limited
  3. Shareholders receive from the company :
  4. Dividend
  5. A company cannot issue :
  6. Redeemable Equity Shares
    Redeemable Preference Shares
    Redeemable Debentures
  7. Only high net worth companies can use this method to finance/borrow funds.
  8. Commercial papers
    Treasury bills
    Trade bills
  9. The method by which banks borrow from each other to adhere to CRR requirement
  10. Call money
    Certificate of deposit
  11. Which of the following has helped to eliminate the use of stock certificates by placing stock transactions on computers?
  12. Demat account.
    Securities Exchange Commission.
    Depository Trust Company.
  13. The ___________ is a window through which the investor can see the company.
  14. Prospectus
    Syndicate offer
  15. speculator is a person __________
  16. who is willing to take high risk for high returns
    who uses his own funds only
    who evaluates the performance of the company
  17. If an investor is attempting to buy a stock that is very volatile, it would be best to use___________.
  18. limit order.
    market order.
    stop-loss order
  19. This number is assigned to each transaction by the stock exchange and printed on the contract note.
  20. Unique order code
    Transaction ID
    Contract account number
  21. All new issues being offered for public sale are registered with _____________.
  22. new issue market.
    Maloney act of 1936.
  23. Investment bankers operate in the __________.
  24. primary market.
    secondary market.
    third market.
  25. Which of the below mentioned statement is a protective function of stock exchange?
  26. Both
    Controlling insider trading
    Keeping a close watch on malpractices by brokers
  27. Which shareholders have a right to receive the arrears of dividend from future profits :
  28. Cumulative Preference Shares
    Participating Preference Shares
    Redeemable Preference Shares
  29. Which of the following statements in relation to the Bombay Stock Exchange is correct?
  30. Both
    It is the oldest stock exchange of India
    It is known by the name of Dalal street