Finance Quiz

  1. National Stock Exchange Operations Are Divided Into ________ And Capital Market Segment.
  2. Whole sale debt market
    Money market
    Secondary market
  3. ________ Is The Second Depository In India.
  4. Central depository services India Ltd.
    National securities depository Ltd.
    State of India depository services Ltd.
  5. A New Index Called ________ Is Developed By NSE.
  6. S&P CNX nifty
    BSE 200 & DOLLEX 200
    BSEI PO Index
  7. The First Stock Exchange In India Was Started In ________ .
  8. 1875
  9. OTCEI Stands For Over The Counter ________ Of India.
  10. Exchange
  11. ________ is the market where “second hand” securities are bought and sold for investment and speculation.
  12. Secondary market
    Primary market
  13. The process of holding shares in electronic form is known as ________
  14. Dematerialisation
  15. REPO is ________
  16. Repurchase agreement
    Representative of a company.
    Reliance Petroleum
  17. After the trade has been executed, the broker issues a Contract Note to the investor within ________
  18. 24 hours
    48 hours
    12 hours
  19. Who issues a treasury bill?
  20. Reserve Bank of India
    Commercial Banks
    Post office
  21. The settlement cycle in stock exchange is ________
  22. T + 1
    T + 2
    T + 3
  23. A company can raise capital through the primary market by way of
  24. Both
    Preference shares
  25. A rise in call money rates makes other sources of finance such as commercial paper and certificates of deposit
  26. Cheaper
    No effect
  27. Which of the following are participants representing capital market?
  28. Both
    Development banks
    Commercial banks
  29. Reserve Capital is _________
  30. Part of the uncalled capital which may be called only at the time of liquidation of the Company
    Capital Reserve
    Uncalled Capital