cryptocurrency quiz 7

  1. There are more than two thousand types of cryptocurrency
  2. True
  3. To transfer crypto from one wallet to another you’ll need
  4. A street address
    An email address
    A public wallet address
  5. Bitcoin has received many endorsements from celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, and even DJ Khaled. But which performer was the first to start accepting the digital currency for their records?
  6. Childish Gambino
    50 Cent
  7. The risks of investing in cryptocurrency include:
  8. The possibility of the government confiscating your cryptocurrency
    Big price swings
    A robot uprising
  9. Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 25 million coins.
  10. True
  11. Crypto asset scams are among the most popular types of online investment scams.
  12. True
  13. There is no difference between cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, these terms are interchangeable.
  14. True
  15. Ether (ETH) is the digital currency for the Ethereum platform.
  16. True
  17. How can an investor mitigate risk in his/her crypto investing approach?
  18. Adopt a dollar cost average (DCA) investing strategy
    Conduct research into a cryptocurrency before purchasing it
    All of the above
  19. Bitcoin will retain its value and rise in price over time because there’s a limited supply.
  20. False
  21. Historically, what has happened to the Bitcoin price following a halving?
  22. A significant dive in price
    A significant surge in price
    Price stays relatively stable
  23. Not all crypto assets are securities.
  24. True
  25. One of Bitcoin’s defining features is the limit on the total amount of coins in circulation. But how high exactly is the limit? What is the largest amount of bitcoins to ever be produced? (Hint: it’s a trick question)
  26. 184 billion
    100 million
    21 million
  27. Gas fees are transactions fees on the Ethereum network.
  28. False
  29. Cryptocurrencies can be used for payments.
  30. True