cryptocurrency quiz 6

  1. What Is Private Chain?
  2. A key not to be given to the public
    A key given to the public
  3. What Is A Blockchain?
  4. A ledger
    A currency
    A distributed on a peer to peer network
  5. What Is A Node ?
  6. A computer on a Blockchain network
    An exchange
    A type of currency
  7. Where Is The Least Safe Place To Keep Your Cryptocurrency?
  8. On a hot wallet
    On an exchange
    At your work desk
  9. Cryptocurrency Is Controlled By Which Organization?
  10. world bank
    central bank
  11. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a crypto asset that people can collect and trade.
  12. True
  13. Cryptocurrencies are low-risk investments if you buy and hold.
  14. True
  15. Regulators and law enforcement can’t trace cryptocurrency transactions.
  16. True
  17. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the same thing.
  18. True
  19. How is cryptocurrency treated by the IRS?
  20. As property subject to capital gains tax
    They don’t know about it
    As an illegal asset they could seize
  21. What is a cryptocurrency tumbler?
  22. A sweet art blog
    A coin wallet attachment
    A service that hides coin origins
  23. How many Bitcoins are currently active?
  24. 36%
    All of them
  25. What is a smart contract?
  26. A cloud-based contract
    Artificial intelligence assisted contract
    A computer protocol
  27. How much has Bitcoin's value grown since 2014?
  28. 36%
    Over 800%
  29. Where do you store cryptocurrency?
  30. Blockchain
    Chain wallet
    Private keys