cryptocurrency quiz 5

  1. What Is A Smart Contract?
  2. A computer protocol
    A cloud based contract
    Artificial intelligence assisted contract
  3. Transactions Are Verified By Network Nodes Through Cryptography And Recorded In A Public Distributed Ledger Is Called A _____
  4. Blockchain
    Crypto wallet
  5. Which Is The First Cryptocurrency In India?
  6. Bitcoin
    Doge coin
  7. Bitcoin.Org Was Registered In
  8. 2011
  9. How Often Does Bitcoin Ledger Reconcile
  10. Every day
    Every 10 minutes
    Every 3 minutes
  11. What Are The Different Types Of Tokens?
  12. Privacy
  13. What Is A Miner
  14. Computers that validate and process blockchain transactions
    An algorithm that predicts the next part of the blockchain
    A type of blockchain
  15. What Is A DApp?
  16. A type of currency
    A decentralized application
    A condiment
  17. What Is The Term For When A Blockchain Splits?
  18. A merger
    A side chain
    A fork
  19. What Is The Purpose Of A Nonce?
  20. Prevents double spending
    A hash function
    Sends information to the blockchain network
  21. What Is Cold Storage?
  22. A private key not connected to the internet
    A private key connected to the internet
    A desktop wallet
  23. Each Block Of A Blockchain Consists Of Which Of The Following.
  24. Timestamp
    List of transactions
  25. Bitcoin Is Based On _______blockchain.
  26. Private
  27. Hash Identifying Each Block In The Blockchain Is Generated Using Which Of The Following Cryptographic Algorithm.
  28. SHA256
  29. Blockchain Forks Can Results In Which Of The Following.
  30. Multiple parent blocks
    Multiple children blocks