1. P2P Network Stand For?
  2. personal to personal network
    person to personal network
    Peer to peer network
  3. Cryptocurrency Also Known As
  4. digital network
    paper currency
  5. What Powers The Ethereum Virtual Machine?
  6. Ether
  7. What Is Cryptocurrency?
  8. Hackers' secret money
    A type of digital currency
    Encrypted currency of a certain state
  9. Which Cryptocurrency Was The Most Expensive At The End Of 2017?
  10. Bitcoin
  11. What Technology Is The Cryptocurrency Based On?
  12. Photometrics
  13. The Key Feature Of Cryptocurrency Functioning?
  14. Absence of any internal or external administrator
    The fact that it is based on ancient knowledge
    Reliability backed by gold
  15. Select The Pseudonym Of The Founder Of The Bitcoin Payment System.
  16. Satoshi Nakamoto
    John Smith
    Xiao Huawei
  17. In What Year Does The Term "Cryptocurrency" First Begin To Be Used?
  18. 2008
  19. In What Form Can Cryptocurrency Be Stored?
  20. In the form of gold coins
    As information on the user's electronic wallet and an encrypted copy on a central cryptocurrency server
    As encrypted information in a chain of computers
  21. What Is Blockchain?
  22. A secret database by which the owners of the cryptocurrency manage it
    A sequential chain of blocks containing information
    Cryptocurrency value data
  23. What Is The Production Of Cryptocurrency Called?
  24. Mining
  25. Which Country Is The Biggest Miner Of Cryptocurrencies?
  26. China
  27. Who Invented Ethereum Coin?
  28. Elon Musk
    Vitarik Buterin
    Satoshi Nakamoto
  29. What Interesting Thing Happened To One Of The First Bitcoin Miners, James Howells?
  30. He produced over 7,000 bitcoins, but then deemed them useless and threw his hard drive in a landfill along with his broken laptop.
    He produced several thousand bitcoins and donated them to a homeless charity.
    He created 80,000 bitcoins in just one week and is now one of the richest people.