cryptocurrency quiz 10

  1. Bitcoin is considered the most established cryptocurrency because its price is very stable.
  2. False
  3. Blockchain is also highly environmentally efficient.
  4. False
  5. What is not a ledger type considered by users in Blockchain?
  6. Decentralized Ledger
    Distributed Ledger
  7. What is cold storage?
  8. A place to hang your coat
    A private key not connected to the Internet
    A private key connected to the Internet
  9. What is a genesis block?
  10. The first block of a Blockchain
    A famous block that hardcoded a hash of the Book of Genesis onto the blockchain
    The first block after each block halving
  11. An initial coin offering, or ICO, is:
  12. When QVC sells commemorative coins
    Elon Musk's pickup line
    A type of fund-raising option for companies
  13. Which site run by Ross Ulbricht was closed by the FBI for letting people buy drugs with Bitcoin?
  14. Silk Street
    Silk Road
    Lace Place
  15. How many new Bitcoins are created every day?
  16. 3600
    2200 Except of leap year
  17. How often does Bitcoin ledger reconcile
  18. Every 3 months
    Every 3 Minutes
    Every 10 Minutes
  19. The differences between cryptocurrency and traditional currency include all of the following except:
  20. The value of traditional currency is guaranteed against inflation while that of cryptocurrency is not
    Traditional currency is backed by a government while cryptocurrency is not
    You can't make it rain with cryptocurrency
  21. Blockchain is:
  22. Disruptive record-keeping technology that powers Bitcoin
    A chain of computers used to mine for Bitcoin
    An old video rental company
  23. Cryptographic Hash Function transforms an arbitrary length of a fixed length string that act more or less as a Fingerprint of the document
  24. True
  25. What is the purpose of a nonce?
  26. Follows nouns
    Prevents double spending
    A hash function
  27. Where is the bitcoin central server located?
  28. Washington DC
    Undisclosed Location
  29. What does the block in the blockchain consist of?
  30. A Hash point
    Transaction data