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Quiz 2

Cryptocurrency Quiz

Multiple Choice— Select the option that best completes the sentence or provides the answer to the question.
  1. In which year cryptocurrency was introduced?

  2. First most popular cryptocurrency?

  3. Cryptocurrency is which type of currency?

  4. Cryptocurrency is controlled by which organization?

  5. We can buy cryptocurrency by which method?

  6. P2P network stand for?

  7. Cryptocurrency also known as

  8. What powers the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

  9. What is cryptocurrency?

  10. Which cryptocurrency was the most expensive at the end of 2017?

  11. What technology is the cryptocurrency based on?

  12. The key feature of cryptocurrency functioning?

  13. Select the pseudonym of the founder of the Bitcoin payment system.

  14. In what year does the term "cryptocurrency" first begin to be used?

  15. In what form can cryptocurrency be stored?

  16. What is blockchain?

  17. What is the production of cryptocurrency called?

  18. What interesting thing happened to one of the first bitcoin miners, James Howells?

  19. Which country is the biggest miner of cryptocurrencies?

  20. Who invented Ethereum coin?

  21. Blockchain networks are much _____ and deal with no real single point of failure.

  22. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency?

  23. Blockchain has how many versions.

  24. blockchain enables peer-to-peer transfer of digital currency without any intermediaries such as banks.

  25. Blockchain enable a centralized or a decentralized system for the exchange of value?

  26. Cryptocurrency used by which method?

  27. Cryptocurrency used for which purpose?

  28. Benefits of using cryptocurrency
  29. all the above

  30. Bitcoin is made up of on which software

  31. Which currency is made by Vitarik Buterin

  32. After Bitcoin which is 2nd most popular cryptocurrency

  33. In 2011 which currency was created

  34. 5th most popular cryptocurrency

  35. Cryptocurrency works in which operating system

  36. Lite coin made which person

  37. Charls Lee works for which organization

  38. What is blockchain ledger?

  39. Satoshi Nakamoto released the idea of Bitcoin in which year?

  40. Bitcoin created by which process?

  41. Which of the following is a cryptocurrency?

  42. What is a cryptocurrency?

  43. Select the Fiat Currency?

  44. Bitcoin runs on ______ technology?

  45. Bitcoin uses which data technology?

  46. What is the code of Bitcoin?

  47. In which year last Bitcoin shall come into circulation?

  48. Fiat currencies require _____

  49. What makes cryptocurrency secure?

  50. What is the production of cryptocurrency called?

  51. Bitcoin is a

  52. What is a smart contract?

  53. Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger is called a ?

  54. Which is the first cryptocurrency in India?

  55. was registered in

  56. How often does Bitcoin ledger reconcile

  57. What is a miner

  58. What are the different types of tokens?

  59. What is a dApp?

  60. What is the term for when a blockchain splits?

  61. What is the purpose of a nonce?

  62. What is cold storage?

  63. Each block of a Blockchain consists of which of the following.

  64. Bitcoin is based on _______blockchain.

  65. Hash identifying each block in the blockchain is generated using which of the following Cryptographic algorithm.

  66. Blockchain forks can results in which of the following.

  67. What is private chain?

  68. What is a blockchain?

  69. What is a node ?

  70. Where is the least safe place to keep your cryptocurrency?

  71. Cryptocurrency is controlled by which organization?

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